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Microgreens have an intense taste and flavor and are a great source of nutrients.
scientific studies show that the concentration of nutrients in microgreens can be up to 40%* higher than in their mature phase.


Daikon Radish

Red Kale

Micromezclum Mild

Micromezclum Spicy


Purple Mustard

Purple Radish



We call Microleaves to the first leaves born just after microgreens. We let them grow to a specific but small size.
The result is a tender sprout that does not reach its adult growth stage, but provides a very attractive aesthetic and flavor.

Genoese Basil

Green Shiso

Purple Basil

Thai Basil

Red Shiso

(*) According to a study conducted at the University of Maryland, USA (published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry), microgreens such as red cabbage, cilantro and radish contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their state of maturity.
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