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Looking for more human & sustainable cities

We believe that more humane, friendly, livable and sustainable cities are possible. With less dependence on remote food production areas. Designed for citizens and their life wellbeing. We are convinced that change starts with each one of us.

Urban farming

Many urban spaces are underused and we know that we can give them value for the benefit of citizens.
Vertical farming fits perfectly with these spaces and is the solution to the shortage of food grown in cities.

The current food distribution chain has a negative impact on our environment.

Jointly with other companies and social agents, we participate in the creation of a new urban model based on Km 0 consumption.

A passionate team

We are a passionate team, connected to the company’s values and involved in the process of change in / changing our society.
We are skilled and trained in vertical farming methods, technology and business management. This combined with extensive knowledge and experience in the food industry, accompanies us on this exciting journey towards sustainability.
We are a collaborative and flexible team, aligned with the goals and needs of our clients, to whom we offer sincere and honest collaboration.
Meticulous and perfectionist. His motto is quality at the highest level. Friendly and generator of agreements and a good work environment.
Paul Brinon

Co-Founder. Production manager

Analytical and hyper-technical. He controls all the parameters to ensure a perfect production.
Jeroni Beltrán

Production assistant

Rigorous and human. She leads the team with judgment and passion, making the project viable.
Sara Fernández

Administration and finance manager

Structured and motivating. Committed to sharing and spreading Urbanfresh's project and values to the market, clients and collaborators.
Mònica Miernau

Marketing and sales manager