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We grow with commitment


We transform agriculture by optimizing processes, resources, and space, which allows us to produce food efficiently and sustainably. We reduce the environmental footprint and guaranteeing a local supply of fresh, top-quality food all year round.

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We offer maximum freshness


Our products offer a unique taste experience. They are a source of nutrients that are highly beneficial for our health.

Discover our full range of microgreens and microleaves and start enjoying a fresh and responsible product.

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We think big


We are committed to a new way of producing and consuming, committed to sustainability, health and quality. We use our experience and the technology that allows us to grow vertically, to minimize environmental impact and to cultivate sustainably.

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Growing together


Do you join us and work to change our society in a responsible way?

If you have a restaurant or a catering business. If you like to innovate, to eat or you are a foodie, we are waiting for you to be part of Urbanfresh.

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