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You’ve ever had mixum salad, right? Imagine a flavor that is even stronger and fresher! We are glad to present our micromezclum, a unique combination of premium microgreens that produces an explosion of flavors and colors on the plate… and flavors in your mouth!

At Urbanfresh, we offer the Mild (red kale and mizuna) and Spicy (red kale and purple mustard) varieties of micromezclum. Both mixum of tender leaves that have not yet reached their adult growth stage, concentrate all their character and flavor. We combine different microgreens so that you can choose between a sweet and spicy our mild variety, and a more powerful, spicy, rocky, intense combination, the spicy variety. A duel of flavors in the kitchen!

  • With dark green leaves and reddish hues, red kale provides a sweet and fresh flavor with a bitter touch.
  • Also known as Japanese mustard, mizuna offers a slightly spicy taste that may remind one of radish or mustard.
  • With a striking dark purple colour, purple mustard adds a brightness, is slightly spicy and brings a touch of bitterness.

And what makes our micromezclum so special? The careful selection of the best freshly cut microgreens. ¡Micromezclum Mild and Micromezclum Spicy!

Microgreens are ideal for the most creative chefs to experiment, it’s such a versatile product!

If you are a Chef and you use microgreens in your dishes, send us your best recipes, suggestions or tips and we will share them on our Instagram profile.

So, do you prefer the sweetness of Mild or the power of Spicy?

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